Twenty After Midnight -Daniel Galera

I read “Twenty After Midnight” by Daniel Galera during the time of Covid19. I’m a great fan of “Blood-Drenched Beard”. I enjoyed every bit “Twenty After Midnight”, not least of which the wonderful translation by Julia Sanches. The characters were strong and believable. The story tragic, and fully plausible. Brazil springs to life in all its glory and deprivation.

But my brief review is going to be focused on my rampant ethnocentrism. I am a white American old enough to vividly recall first-hand the ‘60’s. My children are the age of the characters in the book. I could not stop myself reflecting at various stages through “Twenty After Midnight” on two things: 1) the absurdity of the American experience and 2) the tragedy of millennials. Re: the former while Americans rail against the poverty, violence and unfairness of their current state, they should only know what depravity, political incompetence, and class horror can be like in a place like Brazil. And re: the latter: this is truly the lost generation that started out with verve, joy, spectacular creativity and hope only to very get a secure foothold in life through no fault of their own.

Thank you to Penguin Press and Edelweiss for the eARC. Much appreciated.

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